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Dunhuang art -- Bodhisattva with a glass beaker, ink and colours on a silk banner

The figure of a bodhisattva is painted on a narrow piece of silk. Due to the limited space available, it was usual to only represent a single figure on banner paintings. Here the figure is shown standing on a lotus flower in three-quarter view from behind...

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Dunhuang art -- Avalokiteshvara, ink and colours on a paper banner

This is one of many examples from Mogao of a temple flag or banner depicting Avalokiteshvara, the most popular of the bodhisattvas shown on a temple flag or banner. The painting is executed on paper, which was freely available and locally manufactured and...

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Dunhuang art -- Liu Sahe and scenes from the story of the miraculous image of Mount Yugu, ink and colours on silk (fragment)

This is a fragment of a much larger painting (another fragment is in the Musée Guimet, Paris) showing Shakyamuni preaching on the Vulture Peak. It shows the monk Liu Sahe and the construction of the famous Buddha image in several scenes in the background....

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Dunhuang art -- Virupaksha, Guardian of the West, ink and colours on a silk banner

Although the bottom streamers are now kept separately, this banner is preserved in very good condition, with its triangular headpiece still attached. The Guardian Kings trampling on demons and supported by clouds were a popular subject among the paintings...

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Dunhuang art - Vaishravana with attendants, a woodblock print on paper

This is one of the earliest dated examples of printing. The print was found together with the world's earliest dated printed book, The Diamond Sutra dated AD 868 (now in the British Library, London) and several thousand examples of Buddhist ephemera in th...

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Dunhuang art -- Bodhisattva as Guide of Souls, ink and colours on a silk banner

The painting is inscribed with the characters yinlu pu or 'Bodhisattva leading the Way'. It is one of several examples from Mogao of a bodhisattva leading the beautifully clad donor figure to the Pure Land, or Paradise, indicated by a Chinese building flo...

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Dunhuang art -- Travelling monk, ink and colours on paper

This painting shows a travelling monk, wearing a hat, holding a fan and accompanied by a tiger. He has a heavy load of sutras on his back. Various objects are hanging from his long staff. Two highly finished paintings in the Musée Guimet, Paris, show the...

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Dunhuang art -- Avalokiteshvara as Saviour from Perils, ink and colours on silk

Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion, is show in his six-armed form seated on a lotus behind an altar. He can be identified by the small figure of the Buddha Amitabha seated in his headdress. His two upper arms hold the sun and the moon, his two...

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