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To witness the old trade route with its splendid cultural relics and natural beauties, to understand the life and customs of local people and ethnic group, to venture into the ancient Silk Road cities and wild of west China.

10 Days Silk Road Classic Tour

This tour included all the must see sites on the Silk Road in China. Within 10 days time you will co ...

Price : From *** USD

12 Days Gansu Highlights Tour

Gansu ranks as the “Best in Asia” in 2017 by Lonely Planets. The slender province flows east to we ...

Price : From *** USD

12 Days Silk Road Photography Tour

This tour is designed for professional photographers and keen amateur photographers. We will show yo ...

Price : From 1960 USD

6 Days EjinaQi-Zhangye Photography Tour

The autumn in EjinaQi and Zhangye is the paradise for photographers. This tour is only available fro ...

Price : From 750 USD

9 Days Hexi Corridor Highlights Tour

The Hexi Corridor was once the only passage links China and West. It was an important part of Chines ...

Price : From 1260 USD

12 Days Silk Road Buddhist Art Tour

Buddhism and Buddhist cave temples is the most distinctive cultural exchanges in ancient India and C ...

Price : From *** USD

5 Days Dunhuang Desert Hiking Tour

This tour designed for people who love Outdoor sport, would like to explore the desert near Dunhuan ...

Price : From 499 USD

15 Days Silk Road Essence Tour

This tour will include the most valuable sites along the Silk Road. It will cover part of the Qingha ...

Price : From 2698 USD

5 Days Zhangye - Alxa youqi Highlights Tour

Zhangye and Alxa youqi have peerless sightseeing resource. It's a ideal arrangement to reach Alax yo ...

Price : From *** USD

4 Days Dunhuang Highlight Tour

This tour designed especially for visitors who have strong interest in art and Buddhism. You can not ...

Price : From 359 USD

2 Days Dunhuang Desert Camping Tour

This tour can give you more special experience outside the popular tourist attractions. You will hav ...

Price : From 185 USD

4 Days Zhangye Hiking Tour

The city is called “Golden Zhangye” by people. It was an important hub of trading and transportati ...

Price : From ** USD

3 Days Dunhuang Elite Tour

This tour designed for visitors who only have time to stay one night in Dunhuang. During the time, y ...

Price : From 239 USD

4 Days Dunhuang Explore Tour

What is the charm of Dunhuang? This tour will give you an answer! You can not only visit the Mogao G ...

Price : From 359 USD

4 Days Dunhuang-Jiayuguan EssenceTour

This tour will include the highlights in Dunhuang and Jiayuguan, is especially designed for the visi ...

Price : From 399 USD

3 Days Zhangye Highlights Tour

The city is called “Golden Zhangye” by people. It was an important hub of trading and transportati ...

Price : From 266 USD

6 days Gansu tour to Binglingsi, Xiahe and Langmusi

Gannan was ancient “Tea Horse Road”, also known as the “windows to Tibet”. This tour will start ...

Price : From *** USD

6 Days Silk Road Experience Tour

Silk Road, a legendary word for people who are interested in the brilliant culture and history of We ...

Price : From 665 USD

3 Days Jiayuguan – Zhangye Highlights tour

This tour will start and end in Jiayuguan city, for there are more flights at Jiayuguan airport than ...

Price : From USD

4 Days Khara-Khoto Explore Tour

Khara-Khoto was known as “Lost Empire of the Silk Road”. This ruined Tangut city was built in 1032 ...

Price : From 515 USD

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