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Zhangye in Chinese means “stretching arms” which was established in Western Han dynasty when the emperor Wudi intended to stretch arms of the empire westwards. The city is located at the middle part of Hexi Corridor in north western Gansu Province.

Zhangye was called ”Ganzhou” in history, which is also the origin of the name “Gansu”. Chinese people like to call it “Golden Zhangye” for the fertile land and rich products. Zhangye is an important city on the Silk Road, it has long history and splendid culture. There are many historical and natural sites spread in the area.

A ancient poetry has it “Without noticing the snow caped on Qilian Mountain I will mistake Zhangye for South China ”.

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Zhangye Airport

Zhangye airport is a Military and Civil Airport, which was opened on Nov 1st 2011,located 24km south east of the city. There are only a few flights to several major cities, such as Lanzhou, Xian, Dunhuang, Urumuqi.
Tel: 0936-8889778
Shuttle bus ticket office : Zhangye Electricity Mansion, No.246 west street.

Summer and autumn flight schedule of Zhangye airport in 2024

Inbound Flight Flight No Time
Lanzhou-Zhangye EU2271 16:25-17:45
Lanzhou-Zhangye GJ8621 16:55-18:05
Lanzhou-Zhangye HO1103 10:45-11:55
Shanghai-Zhangye HO1103 06:35-11:55
Guangzhou-Zhangye AQ1167 09:55-16:15
Xian-Zhangye MU6201 08:15-10:10
Beijing-Zhangye KN5675 08:00-10:45
Beijing-Zhangye HU7889 07:55-10:50
Chengdu-Zhangye EU2271 13:50-17:45
Wuhan-Zhangye AQ1167 13:10-16:15
Wenzhou-Zhangye GJ8621 12:50-18:05

Summer and autumn flight schedule of Zhangye airport in 2024

Outbound Flight Flight No Time
Zhangye-Lanzhou EU2272 18:30-19:30
Zhangye-Lanzhou GJ8622 19:10-20:15
Zhangye-Lanzhou HO1104 12:40-13:45
Zhangye-Shanghai HO1104 12:40-17:35
Zhangye-Guangzhou AQ1168 17:25-22:50
Zhangye-Beijing KN5676 11:30-14:20
Zhangye-Beijing HU7890 12:20-15:00
Zhangye-Xian MU6202 11:00-12:45
Zhangye-Chengdu EU2272 18:35-22:10
Zhangye-Wuhan AQ1168 17:25-20:00
Zhangye-Wenzhou GJ8622 19:10-23:40

Please note: the time and schedule are subject to change, please check civil aviation ticketing system.

Zhangye Train Station

Zhangye Train Station is located 8 km north east of the city. It’s very convenient to take a bus or taxi to the city. There are many trains leave and arrive at Zhangye each day, but each train only has several tickets for sale. If you want to take train from Zhangye you should book the ticket 60 days in advance. Tel: 0936-8431804

Zhangye West Train Station also called Zhangye Speed Train Station is located to the south-west of Zhangye city. The speed trains start from Lanzhou or Urumqi can well connect the important cities such as Wuwei, Jiayuguan, Jiuquan and Turpan along the Silk Road.

Zhangye Bus Station

Zhangye Bus Station is also called Zhange West Passenger Station which was founded in1952. The station operate more than 84 provincial and trans-provincial lines, has over 223 buses connect Zhagye with 23 different cities, such as Urumqi, Xining, Dunhuang, Lanzhou etc.
Address: No.128 West Ring Road, Zhangye, Gansu
Tel: 0936-8210597

The Climate of Zhangye

Zhangye is a continental climate which has very little rainfall and dry air. The annual average temperature is 6 ℃ and the coldest temperature is in January while the hottest is in July. The best time for tourism is from June to September. If you are interested in photographing the beautiful rape seeds flowers near Zhangye you should come in Late July and early Auguest.

Zhangye Sun rise / Sunset time in 2024

Month Sun rise Sunset Sunset
Jan/Feb 08:36 18:19 08:11 18:55
Mar/Apr 07:30 19:26 06:42 19:56
May/Jun 06:06 20:24 05:52 20:45
Jul/Aug 06:05 20:43 06:32 20:13
Sep/Oct 07:00 19:27 07:28 18:39
Nov/Dec 08:01 18:04 08:30 17:57

  Local Cuisines in Zhangye

Zhangye also called “Ganzhou” is an agricultural city. Local people eat more wheaten food than rice.

The fish-like noodle

The fish-like noodle is the most famed local food. The wheat flour was made into dough and then was cut into small pieces which were later rubbed into fish-like noodles. The noodle is 2-3cm long, with two pointy ends and thick middle, which looks like little fish. The fish-like noodles usually boiled and fried with pork and garlic bolt.

The beef little noodle

The beef little noodle was made of wheat flour and beef. Dough was first cut into tiny pieces of the size of rice grain. Then they were boiled with beef, doufu and bean noodles. Pieces of green onions and coriander were sprinkled on it before fill in the bowl.

Zhangye minced noodles

It’s the most widespread and populous breakfast meal in Zhangye. The noodles are very thin and elastic. The soup was boiled from chicken, beef or pork chop and seasoned with pepper and ginger powder. Then add some starch to realize certain thickness and in the end add doufu slices. The soup should be crystal clear with savoury flavor.

  Restaurant Recommendation

Suan La Sao 酸辣嫂 2nd floor, News Building, No. 109 , Xianfu South Street, Zhangye.
张掖县府南街109号新闻大厦2楼. 电话:0936-8227895, 0936-8223668

Feng Sha Du风沙渡 2nd floor, Xinshiji Building, Zhangye
南大街新世纪大厦2楼(近河西大厦). 电话:0936-8859888

Xiao La Jiao 小辣椒 2nd floor, Jiahen Hotel, Xianfu South Street, Zhangye
张掖县府南街嘉亨大酒店2楼. 电话:0936-8219095

Travel Advise

1.Due to the dry air and strong ultraviolet radiation in Zhangye area, please take sun glasses , sun hat, sun scream with you and prepare enough water during the tour. The temperature difference in summer is eminent here, please prepare T-shirt for the day and coat for night and early morning.

2.Preparing face mask and scarf in windy weather and try to avoid go out during strong sand storm.

3.It’s very common to have a long bus ride from one site to the other. Please well manage your time and energy to ensure a smooth trip.

4.It’s always a good idea to prepare something (book, newspaper) to read on the road. You can also prepare cookies and fruit for the long journey.


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