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Pingshan Lake grand canyonPingshan Lake grand canyon, is located in Zhangye, Ganzhou district in Pingshanhu Mongolian township, 56 km North-East of Zhangye, scenic area is 40 kilometers long and 26 kilometers wide, with a total area of 150 square kilometers, the core scenic area of about 35 square kilometers.iRBSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

Pingshan Lake Mongolian township is an important gateway of trade between Zhangye and Inner Mongolia. It located at the mountain area of Heli and Longshou, is a transitional zone from Hexi corridor Plain to Mongolia plateau. In history, it is an important channel for Mongolians to come into the hexi corridor, is also an important barrier for Han Chinese to resist foreign invasions.iRBSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

Pingshan lake grand canyon has an altitude of 1,500 to 2,550 meters. Its geological structure belongs to red - layer geomorphology. The so-called "red layer", refers to the Mesozoic Jurassic to tertiary Cenozoic sedimentary formation of the red rock series, generally referred to as the "red glutenite", more than one hundred and eight million years.iRBSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

The basic characteristics of the Canyon is water flowing gully , low and gentle sandstone mountain as the background, mainly in red and white and red ocher-based color, slightly gray color, mostly conical or columnar, peculiar shape.iRBSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

This special geomorphic feature is formed by hundreds of millions of years of crustal uplift, natural wind erosion, water erosion and chemical dissolution. In the erosion period, the relatively hard rock formation, constitute the valley between the cliffs. forming the platform type mountain or fortress hill in the long years of erosion.iRBSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

Pingshan Lake grand canyon created by magic power of nature over hundred millions of years, through wind and rain erosion.the colorful mountain engraved into an unparalleled, breathtaking landscape.iRBSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

Pingshan Lake grand canyon is composed of natural and cultural landscapes, such as Nine dragons play in the sea, the canyon spectacle, the lovers peak, the one line, the auspicious tree, the golden toad, the human bird tower, and the stone forest.iRBSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

Pingshan lake grand canyon is praised by many geologists and foreign tourists as zhangjiajie, which is comparable to the grand canyon in the United States. In 2014, Pingshan lake grand canyon is selected by China film association and China television artists association as the film base and selected by China photographers' association as photography base,by outdoor exploration alliance as the outdoor camping base of China.iRBSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours




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General Information

Alias: Pingshanhu Grand Caynon
Loc: 56 km from Zhangye
Entrance: 130 RMB
Open Time: 08:00~18:00


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