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The drama "See Dunhuang again"

"See Dunhuang again" is the first indoor scene experience drama in the northwest invested by Gansu Siku Culture (Investment) Group with a capital of 600 millio...

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The dance drama "Silk Road, Flower Rain"

The "Silk Road, Flower Rain" was rated as the sample of China natioanl dance drama.It was created by Gansu Song and Dance Theater with the world-renowned Dunhu...

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Style and Artistry of Dunhuang Art

The Murals of Dunhuang Caves are rated among the rare treasures of the world not only for their enormous quantity, but also for their scale and richness of cont...

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Dunhuang Celebration

"Dunhuang Celebration" focus on a legendary love story. Besides utilizing the scene of Singing Dunes, Crescent lake in the desert and glorious buildings from Han and Tang Dynasties in Dunhuang Villa, the show uses a series of frontier degree rotating seats, the new use of wall sh...

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Dunhuang art -- Scenes from the Life of the Buddha, ink and colours on a silk banner

This painting was executed in a more sketchy style than others of a similar subject from the Mogao caves. The highly finished paintings, where expensive colours and even gold were used, were reserved for the privileged donors who paid the most. Those in a...

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Mystery Along the Silk Road: The Discovery of the Black City of Khara Khoto

In this Therese Schoofs Memorial Lecture, Asian Art Museum Docent, Julia Verzhbinsky, discusses the discovery of the "black city" of Khara Khoto....

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Dunhuang art -- Scenes from the Life of the Buddha, ink and colours on silk

From Cave 17, Mogao, near Dunhuang, Gansu province, China Tang dynasty, 8th-early 9th century ADStory telling set in a landscapeThis painting was part of a seri...

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Dunhuang art -- Silk altar valance

From Cave 17, Mogao, near Dunhuang, Gansu province, ChinaTang Dynasty, 8th-9th century ADSilk valances liek this were originally used on the altars of Buddhist...

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