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Zhangyichao - The forgotten hero

Gansu); Shan (鄯州, in modern Haidong Prefecture, Qinghai); He (河州, in modern Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu); Min (岷州, in modern Dingxi, Gansu); a...

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Kumārajīva was a Buddhist monk, scholar, missionary and translator from the Kingdom of Kucha. He is well-versed in Mahayana and Hinayana teaching as well as T...

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The story of Polo's family

The Tang dynasty collapsed in 906 CE. After sixty years of bloody wars, a new dynasty called the Sung arose. But other groups also had their eyes on China. Nomadic groups constantly attacked north China and eventually took control there. The Sung remained strong in the south but ...

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The Pioneer of the Desert: Sven Hedin

It was the Taklamakan Desert expedition (Hedin's First Expedition, 1893-97) by the Swedish explorer Sven Hedin that paved the way for the great expeditio...

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Aurel Stein

Aurel Stein was born on November 26, 1862 in Pest as the third child of a highly educated bourgeois family. His education was overseen not by his elderly parents, but rather by his uncle on his mother’s side, the eye-specialist Ignác Hirschler, the founder of Hungarian ophthalm...

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Journey to the west --- Xuanzang

"I would rather die going to the west than live by staying in the east."- Xuan Zang Early Life The year was 600. The place was Chen He (Old River) V...

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Zhang Qian—The Father of the Silk Road

In the Western Han dynasty, the western regions, in a narrower sense, means the area to the west of Yumenguan and Yang guan (to the east of Dunhuang, Gansu province), to the east of Congling, to the north of the Kunlun Mountains, to the south of Lake Balkhash. In a broader sense,...

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Huo Qubing

Huo Qubing was a famous general during the reign of Emperor Wu of the Western Han Dynasty. He was the nephew of another famous general Wei Qing.Despite his humb...

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