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The Inmitable Wang Zhaojun

For 2,000 years the marriage of Wang Zhaojun has been a popular motif for composers, writers, poets and painters. What kind of a woman would volunteer to be mar...

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Qin Shihuang

Emperor Qin Shihuang (also called the First Emperor of China) was the founder of the first unified empire in the history of China. He established an autocratic...

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The Great Wall of China

Great wall is the most recognizable symbol of China. Today The remains of the great wall could be seen in over 15 provinces throughout china . These walls were built in different dynasties over a period of 2700 years....

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History of Sericulture in China

There is a beautiful legend about the beginning of the art of silkworm breeding in China. According to it the wife of Great Yellow Emperor Shi Huang , Lei Zu, sat under the shady crone of mulberry enjoying her herbal tea. Suddenly, a silkworm cocoon fell in her fragrant beverage....

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Yin and Yang Of Chinese Philosophy

The yin / yang symbol is ancient. It first appeared in Chinese historical documents nearly three thousand years ago. The diagram which most people are familiar...

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5 guesses on Emperor Qin Shihuang's tomb

Qin Shihuang holds a central place in Chinese history for being the first emperor who united the country. He is also well known for his part in the construction...

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Peonies in Chinese Art and Culture

Peonies may be small, but they are a unique flower of China, with a history that dates back thousands of years. Loved for its beauty, the peony is the national ...

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The Way
Humans model themselves on earth,
Earth on heaven,
Heaven on the Way,
And the way on that which is naturally so.
-- Laozi, excerpted from Daodejing #251...

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