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Old Photo: The Story of an American Woman and Dunhuang

In the summer of 1948, American Irene Vincent, who was already the mother of two children, made a decision. She wanted to leave Beijing’s residence tempor...

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Mogao Caves from the national geographic

A 51-foot Buddha from the Middle Tang period (781-847) reclines to await death, when he will pass serenely into nirvana. Followers painted on the cave walls exp...

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Gudongtan - the antique sand and its legend

Gudongtan lies 75 km south west of Dunhuang city, near the old Yangguan Pass. Many people who have visited the site luckily found coins, beads, jadeware, bronze...

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Singing Sand Dunes: The Mystery of Desert Music

If you've never heard a sand dune rumble, listen up. Marco Polo in the 13th Century said the singing sands -- which he ascribed to evil desert spirits -- "at ti...

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Singing Sand Dunes Explained

When Marco Polo heard it in China, he suspected evil spirits. When residents of Copiapo, Chile, heard it emanating from a sandy hill, they dubbed the peak El B...

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The history of Dunhuang

Dunhuang is a famous city in China as well as the world. It’s very hard to tell that how long history it has. But based on the potteries, stone wares and...

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Aurel Stein And The Mogao Caves

The Silk Road, the Eurasian trade route linking China with the Mediterranean seashore was used not only for the purpose of commerce, but it also was the meeting point of the large civilizations of the East and West. From the 2nd century B. C. for more than a thousand years, silk,...

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The beginning of the Mogao Grottoes in dunhuang

One day, a Buddhist monk named Le Zun was on his way to the Western Paradise. He had been told that only those travelers who drank from the spring waters at San...

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