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Dunhuang West Lake Reserve built an automatic drinking water spot. Wild camels and raccoons became frequent visitors.

March 1, Dunhuang West Lake National Nature Reserve in Gansu revealed that the Lucaojing Protection Station Rangers captured through a remote video surveillance...

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Gansu Dunhuang over 12,000 heliostats pieced up giant blessing words to celebrate the new year

On January 1st, the first day of 2019, in the 100MW molten salt tower power station in Dunhuang Optoelectronic Industrial Park, Gansu, the "Happy New Year" made...

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Lanzhou appears "super big" bowls that thicker than your waist

Recently, Lanzhou beef noodles with super big bowl getting hotter on internet. Three or five people surround the bowl, it is very much like the feeling of eatin...

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Dunhuang Celebration

"Dunhuang Celebration" focus on a legendary love story. Besides utilizing the scene of Singing Dunes, Crescent lake in the desert and glorious buildings from Han and Tang Dynasties in Dunhuang Villa, the show uses a series of frontier degree rotating seats, the new use of wall sh...

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Turpan Basin – the lowest terrain and highest temperature of China

The Turpan Basin is an inter-mountain basin in the eastern part of the Tianshan Mountains.. "Turpan" means "lowland" in Uighur language. It is a typical graben...

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China-Korea Cultural Festival debuts at the Dunhuang Grand Theatre

The preferential winter and spring tourism policy not only attracted domestic and foreign tourists to visit Dunhuang, but also attracted some foreign teams to p...

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Old Photo: The Story of an American Woman and Dunhuang

In the summer of 1948, American Irene Vincent, who was already the mother of two children, made a decision. She wanted to leave Beijing’s residence tempor...

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Gansu tourism comprehensive income exceeded 10 billion yuan during National Day holiday.Family travel, self-driving tour, rural leisure travel became the mainstream.

During the National Day holiday, Gansu province received a total of 17.7 million tourists, achieving a comprehensive tourism income of 11.95 billion yuan, an i...

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