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Ethnic Groups & Religions on the Silk Road - Yugur

Yugur is one of the 56 ethnic groups in China, with a small population, who call themselves “Yaohuer”. After the funding of New China, they were collectively ...

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Ethnic Groups & Religions on the Silk Road - Uygur

There are more than 15 local ethnic groups settel down for a long history and other over 30 ethnic minorities scatter over there along the Silk Road China. The...

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Nomads on the silk road

Nomads and nomadism have been intimately linked to Silk Road trade and culture since ancient times ("nomad" derives from Greek nomos, "pasture"), and, at the de...

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The story of Polo's family

The Tang dynasty collapsed in 906 CE. After sixty years of bloody wars, a new dynasty called the Sung arose. But other groups also had their eyes on China. Nomadic groups constantly attacked north China and eventually took control there. The Sung remained strong in the south but ...

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Gudongtan - the antique sand and its legend

Gudongtan lies 75 km south west of Dunhuang city, near the old Yangguan Pass. Many people who have visited the site luckily found coins, beads, jadeware, bronze...

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The Mogao Grottoes visit info in 2017

In order to provide better service to travelers and travel agencies in 2017, Mogao Grottoes Management Office now issue the notice as bellow:1.Visit ModeMogao G...

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Secrets of the Esoteric Empire: The Tangut Script

The people of the Western Xia were pious Buddhists and Confucians. They not only left behind beautiful art in the Mogao and Yulin caves, but also a beautiful yet eye-wateringly complex script. The two are interconnected in exploring the secrecy of tantric Buddhism, which was the ...

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The Great Wall of China

Great wall is the most recognizable symbol of China. Today The remains of the great wall could be seen in over 15 provinces throughout china . These walls were built in different dynasties over a period of 2700 years....

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