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Direct flights from Lanzhou to Hong Kong will begin in mid-April

The reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Department of Transportation that the direct flight route from Lanzhou to Hong Kong is expected to be officially launched on April 15, and the opening of the route will further gather Gansu and HongKong tourism enterprises, broaden the field of industrial cooperation, and promote the deep integration and coordinated development of the cultural and tourism industry, which is of great significance to comprehensively promote the cultural exchange and tourism interaction between Gansu and Hong Kong.rsTSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

Since the beginning of this year, Gansu Civil Aviation Airport Group has focused on the main business and its own advantages, focusing on the actual operation and development of Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport Phase III, taking the overall idea of "active internal network, smooth external communication and international communication", focusing on the "west and south" international aviation market, and has given priority to encryption and resumed the Lanzhou, Dunhuang and Hong Kong routes. It will provide more strong support for the in-depth and extensive exchanges and cooperation between the two places and help the "one nuclear, three belt" joint development and the "Four strong" action in Gansu Province.
In the future, Gansu Civil Aviation Airport Group will continue to adhere to the market orientation, choose opportunities to open and resume more "South" Southeast Asia international regional tourism routes and "west" intercontinental Central Europe international routes, and actively build a "1+4+2" air transport development system, and strive to build Lanzhou Airport into an aviation hub in Northwest China. Gansu Civil Aviation will be built into an important channel airport cluster to undertake the national "Belt and Road" western land and sea new channel construction.


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