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The database of Dunhuang Relics was completed and put into use

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On March 10, at the opening group activities of the Gansu Delegation at the Second session of the 14th National People's Congress, Wang Wanfu, a representative of the Party Committee of the Dunhuang Academy and Vice Minister of the Department of Protection and Research, introduced that the academy's "digital restoration project of lost overseas Dunhuang cultural relics" has taken substantial steps, and the "Dunhuang Relics database" has been completed and put into use.NrQSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

Wang Wanfu said that the Dunhuang Academy has also set up the Dunhuang Cultural Relics Protection Research Center in Gansu Province, built the first multi-field coupling laboratory in the field of cultural relics protection in China, and launched the "Research on the Protection of Grottoes and soil Sites", further improving the quality of the scientific research platform.NrQSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

At present, the project has completed the digital collection of 290 caves and 26,000 square meters of Mogao Grottoes, and launched the "Digital Dunhuang" open material library and "digital Sutra collection Cave". A monitoring and early warning platform and a safety management platform for the grottoes in Gansu Province have been initially established, and the real-time monitoring and security systems of the six grottoes under the jurisdiction of the Institute have been fully connected. Wang Wanfu said that at present, the Dunhuang Academy is accelerating the construction of the Mogao Grottoes digital Exhibition Center and other projects.NrQSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours



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