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Secrets of the Esoteric Empire: The Tangut Script

The people of the Western Xia were pious Buddhists and Confucians. They not only left behind beautiful art in the Mogao and Yulin caves, but also a beautiful yet eye-wateringly complex script. The two are interconnected in exploring the secrecy of tantric Buddhism, which was the ...

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Lyrics to The Silk Road

I pass valleys, a way among different civilizations / Among different cultures, valleys, mountains under the heat of the red sun / If only you wish, I would be a chasm / If only you wish, I would be a river / I'll hear this call under sand's thorns / But I'll overcome my hard way...

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The Second Central Asian Expedition of Aurel Stain(1906-1908)

In the final years of the 19th century more and more manuscripts – both in known and in unknown scripts and languages – as well as other findings surfaced from the region called at that time Eastern or Chinese Turkestan. They stirred up a keen interest among scholars, but thei...

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The Silk Road: Spreading Ideas and Innovations

Good ideas travel easilyand far along trade routes, and the Silk Road was no exception to that rule. A famous example of a Chinese invention that helped to transform the world is paper. Paper was invented during the Han dynasty, probably just at the time the Silk Road trade was b...

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Transportation Along The Silk Road

Silk Road goods carried overland were not loaded onto camels and carried from China to Europe. Goods made their way westward in a piecemeal way, with a lot trading and loading and unloading at the caravan stops along the way.
Different caravans carried goods during different se...

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Poems Scattered on the Silk-Road (1)

Numerous poems scattered on the Silk Road should have been edited and translated to form a great work. We selected merely 20 poems of them with the translation...

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Poems Scattered on the Silk-Road(2)

不破楼兰终不还。ARMY LIFE
Wang Changling
Clouds on frontier o'ershadow mountains clad in...

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Poems Scattered on the Silk-Road(3)

少 年 行(其一)
王 维
系马高楼垂柳边。Young Chivalrous Men
Wang Wei
More chivalrous travelers fostered i...

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