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5000-500 B.C 3200 Horse domesticated on south Russian steppe. 3000 Minoan civilization starts, the earliest in Europe. 3000 Silk first produced in Chin...

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Goods of the Silk Road

The goods carried on the Silk Road moved basically from the East to the West. Judging by the road’s name silk was the main commodity in the list. Thanks t...

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Cultural Exchange on the Silk Road

The Silk Road did not only promote commodity exchange but also cultural. For example, Buddhism as one of the religions of the Kushan kingdom reached China. Toge...

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The silk road exchanges

(1) Science and Technology

The Chinese civilization used to lead the world for a fairly long period in history, with influential contributions in the areas of...

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Businessman on the silk road

Compared with other categories of Silk Road travelers such as the generals, envoys, and friendship princesses, businessmen have been much less frequently mentio...

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Diplomatic Envoys On The Silk Road

Among all kinds of travelers, diplomatic envoys, entrusted with the mission of establishing or furthering ties with distant lands, often played a more construct...

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Explorers On The Silk Road

The best-known Silk Road explorer is Marco Polo (1254~1324). He traveled to China via the Steppe Silk Road, spent 17 years traveling around China, and had been...

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Geographical Setting of the Silk Roads 1

by John Major The term Silk Road denotes a network of trails and trading posts, oases and emporia connecting East Asia to the Mediterranean. Along the way, bran...

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