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Ancient sports in Dunhuang murals

Dunhuang grottoes were continuously carved from the middle of 4th century to 14th century and nearly 50000 square meters of murals have been handed down. A wide...

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Religions on the silk road

The Mogao Grottoes in dunhuang,ChinaThe Silk Road has always been known as a trade route for material goods. Ideas were also an important commodity. Religious...

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a brief historical overview of the silk road

Historians look back at the events of the past and use them as a tool for analyzing the state of the world today. Civilizations have dealt with numerous problem...

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Gun and Gunpowder with the silk road


Along with the silk and paper, gunpowder is another invention by Chinese and the Silk Road helped it spread to the west. The dating of gunpowder is as...

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Silk Road horses and camels

The people [of Ferghana]...have...many good horses.
The horses sweat blood and come from the stock of the "heavenly horse."
--Zhang Qian, 2nd c. BCE (tr. F. Hir...

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The Story of Silk

Silk was discovered in China at least 4500 years ago. A Chinese legend has it that the emperor Huang Di (the yellow emperor) accidentally dropped a silkworm coc...

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Top things to do on The Silk Road

There are a list of top fun things such as traditional festivals & celebrations, tourist events & activities, entertainment & nightlife for travel choice. X...

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the geography of the silk road

by ray gonzales
historians look back at the events of the past and use them as a tool for analyzing the state of the world today. civilizations have dealt with...

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Hi - How much does this cost in RMB for two people mid August ?

Can you pls provide me some information on this tour? Is it available for 2nd week of jun?

Dear travel advisor, I could like it to take it this tour and mid November 2014.
Would you please contact me at my email address: vovancan@hotmail.com.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Dear,Manager.Please advise for 4days Dunhuang explore tour usd 349 start 29july2014.
2person ,my email   ruslilaurent@hotmail ,waiting for your good news.


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