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Geographical Setting of the Silk Roads 2

The Trans-Eurasian Steppe Belt
The Steppe Belt is a zone of rolling grassland, steppe being the Russian word for this kind of treeless, grassy plain. It extends...

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Geographical Setting of the Silk Roads 3

Northeast Asia
This region encompasses the rocky Shandong and Liaodong Peninsulas o fnortheastern China, southern Manchuria, Korea, and Japan. Its coast is line...

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Silk Textiles

P>Silk is a natural protein fiber that can be woven into textiles. It is obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm larva, in the process known as sericulture. Th...

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The steppe nomads and the silk road

From long before Han times, China’s contacts with the outside world had involved a combination of trade and military conflict. Chinese products like silk...

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The Silk Road Chronology

ca. 250 bce–226 ce
Parthian Empire rules Persia
221 bce
Qin Dynasty unites China
206 bce–220 ce
Han Dynasty rules China
Second century bce to second...

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Bronze Galloping Horse

Among China's various craft masterpieces, the Bronze Galloping Horse is unique with its splendid designs. It is a classical work of Chinese ancient aesthetics....

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Ancient sports in Dunhuang murals

Dunhuang grottoes were continuously carved from the middle of 4th century to 14th century and nearly 50000 square meters of murals have been handed down. A wide...

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Religions on the silk road

The Mogao Grottoes in dunhuang,ChinaThe Silk Road has always been known as a trade route for material goods. Ideas were also an important commodity. Religious...

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