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Dunhuang art -- Paradise of Amitabha, ink and colours on silk

Pure Land sutras, which describe the Paradises of various Buddhas, became very popular in Dunhuang during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The most influential was the Western Paradise of the Buddha Amitabha. Pure Land painting also became popular. Although th...

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Dunhuang art -- Paradise of Bhaishajyaguru, ink and colours on silk

This large painting is devoted to Bhaishajyaguru, the Buddha of Healing. Dated and inscribed in both Chinese and Tibetan, is an interesting example of how different modes of painting reached a unique synthesis in the multi-cultural climate of Dunhuang. Th...

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Dunhuang art -- Lokapala, ink and colours on silk (fragment)

This huge fragment - now mounted as a hanging scroll - was once part of a splendid composition which was at least two metres high. All that remains of the lokapala (guardian figure) is the half-open mouth, the shoulders, upper body and a hand holding an a...

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Dunhuang art -- Kshitigarbha as Lord of the Six Ways, ink and colours on silk

The bodhisattva Kshitigarbha is shown wearing a hood and seated on a lotus behind an altar accompanied by two worshipping bodhisattvas. On the three lines on each side of his halo are depicted 'The Six Ways of Life': gods, animals and hell (top left) and...

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Dunhuang art -- Illustration to the Vimalakirtinirdesha Sutra, ink and colours on silk

Vimalakirti, the hero of the Vimalakirtinirdesha sutra, is a sage who though has a family and lives in a house in the town of Vaishali, manages to defeat the bodhisattvas in a debate about non-duality. Although written in India, the Vimalakirtinirdesha Su...

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Dunhuang art -- Illustration to the Fumu enzhong jing, ink and colours on silk

The upper part of the painting is occupied by a Buddha group with the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, in the centre flanked by two monks and principal and lesser bodhisattvas. Two of the four Guardian Kings are shown, one in each of the top corners. The ce...

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Dunhuang art -- Bodhisattva with censer, ink and colours on a silk banner

This is the painted area of a banner, which has now lost its triangular top and streamers. The single figure of a bodhisattva was also the most popular subject-matter for the banners or temple flags at Mogao. It is thought that several of these would be h...

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Dunhuang art -- Bodhisattva with a glass bowl, ink and colours on a silk banner

This is one of the most beautifully executed banners from Mogao in the British Museum. The well-balanced figure of the bodhisattva is supported by a lotus flower, depicted in fine detail. The figure's scarves and thick, black hair fall beautifully followi...

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