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Pingshanhu Grand Canyon was nominated as National Geopark.

 Recently, Pingshanhu Grand Canyon, Zhangye, was approved by the National Geopark experts organized by the Ministry of Land and Resources and successfully won the eighth batch of National Geoparks.DZDSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

In October 2017, the Provincial Department of Land and Natural Resources issued a Circular on Applying for Declaration on the Eighth Batch of National Geoparks and the Fourth Batch of National Mining Parks. The Pingshanhu Provincial Geopark of Zhangye is qualified for declaration. To this end, Ganzhou District, actively carry out the relevant works of "Zhangye Pingshanhu National Geological Park" approval project. December 26, 2017, Zhangye Pingshanhu won the eighth batch of national geological park qualification. The success of Pingshanhu National Geopark will play an active role in protecting local geological relics, popularizing geo-knowledge and promoting the development of tourism industry. DZDSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours



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