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Zhangye Geopark successfully obtained the Candidate for World Geopark in 2019

Zhangye World Geopark At the 4th public meeting of the International Geoscience and Geoparks Program held recently, 14 Geological Parks worldwide won the Candidate for World Geoparks (UGGp) in the 2019, selected by the delegation of the Global Geological Park Network (GGN) Executive Board, Zhangye Geopark was successfully selected.m42Silk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

It is reported that the proposed Zhangye World Geopark has a total area of 1289.71 square kilometers and consists of four scenic spots: colored hills, Binggou Danxia, Zhonghua Yugu customs corridor, and nine spring plate structural suture belts. The park mainly develops the Cretaceous “red layer” from 135 million to 65 million years ago. It is formed by colored hills and red sandstones by tectonic movement, flowing water and wind erosion. The cliffs and peaks in the park are steep. It is the only composite area of  Danxia landform and colored hilly landscape in China. It is one of the earliest areas for the study of ophiolites in China. 
The proposed Zhangye World Geopark is a large-scale geological park integrating scientific research, popular science education, tourism, history, culture and environmental protection. It is very important for studying red soil topography, ecological protection and plate tectonics in the arid regions of northwest China.


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