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Building "Digital Dunhuang" resource library to truly "live" Dunhuang culture

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Recently, the Dunhuang Research Institute launched an international scientific and technological cooperation project of the major provincial science and technology project "Demonstration of Digital Asset Management Platform Construction and Application in Dunhuang Grottoes". The project will play a key role in accelerating the construction of the Digital Silk Road, advancing the inheritance and dissemination of Dunhuang culture, and implementing the "digital return of overseas Dunhuang culture".xX5Silk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

On May 1, 2016, the "Digital Dunhuang" resource database platform was released to the world. This technology uses modern digital technology to photograph, scan, acquire, and store information on Dunhuang grotto cultural relics, and through the establishment of a diversified and integrated digital Dunhuang database, digital The asset management system and digital resource permanent preservation system provide unlimited possibilities for academic research and diversified utilization while realizing the permanent preservation of Dunhuang cultural and artistic resources.
Nowadays, it is popular in the world that "Dunhuang is in China, and the study of Dunhuang is abroad". Insiders have concluded that the Dunhuang Buddhist scripture  are the most hidden in Britain, the most sophisticated in France, the most complex in Russia, and the most secretive in Japan. In the course of its development in recent years, Dunhuang Studies has become more and more important in China. Numerous exquisite overseas exquisite cultural relics have been "returned" through digital means, which has also opened up the transnational road to interpret "Dunhuang Studies". The person in charge of the project emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to the integration of the technological commanding heights of the “Belt and Road” and the cultural commanding heights to provide substantive and tangible results for the digital return of overseas Dunhuang culture. It is necessary to combine long-term goals with focusing on phased tasks, and integrate the construction of the Digital Silk Road through the "14th Five-Year Plan" to form an experience that can be replicated, promoted and publicized.


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