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Dunhuang City of Gansu Province and New Grudek District of Grodno Oblast of Belarus sign "Sister City Agreement"

On the morning of November 7, at the Belarusian Pavilion of the National Comprehensive Exhibition at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center of the Sixth CIEI, Dunhuang City of Gansu Province and New Grudek District of Grodno Oblast of Belarus signed the "Sister City Agreement". The two sides will, on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, jointly promote friendly exchanges and economic and trade exchanges between the two places, and actively carry out exchanges and cooperation in the fields of culture, tourism, science and technology, education, World heritage protection and agriculture.NsQSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

The exchanges between Gansu and Belarus have been going on for a long time. In 2007, Gansu and the Grodno Oblast of Belarus concluded the relationship of friendship province and Oblast. With the deepening implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in investment, industry, agriculture, education, traditional medicine and other fields have become increasingly close. The Traditional Chinese Medicine center established by Gansu in Grodno Oblast is the first Chinese traditional Chinese medicine center in Belarus, and a number of universities and agricultural sciences in Gansu have also established cooperative relations with relevant institutions in Belarus and made positive progress.
In October 2018, Dunhuang City received a letter from the Grodno Oblast of Belarus to Gansu Province on further strengthening cooperation between Dunhuang City and New Grudek District, hoping to establish fraternal relations with Dunhuang City and cooperate in economic, cultural and tourism fields. In July 2021, the two sides signed a letter of intent for international sister city relations. On June 30, 2023, Dunhuang City received the reply of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries on the approval of the establishment of sister city relations between Dunhuang City of Gansu Province and Novorudek District of Grodno Oblast of Belarus.
"The work of international sister cities is an important starting point to serve the construction of the 'Belt and Road'. Broadening and making good use of this resource and bond will greatly promote more international exchanges and cooperation in serving our province." The person in charge of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Gansu Provincial Government introduced that at present, the international sister city cooperation in our province has covered the fields of economy and trade, investment, cultural tourism, traditional Chinese medicine, education, personnel training and media, etc., and I believe that the future development prospects will be broader.
It is understood that Belarus Grodno Oblast New Grudek district is located in the eastern part of Grodno Oblast, an area of 1676 square kilometers, population 28,000. Modern industry and agriculture are the main industries in the state. New Grudek District has a long history, rich historical and cultural heritage, and various types of tourism such as culture, education and ecology are developing rapidly.


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