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The inaugural flight ceremony of Chengdu Airlines' "Turpan" tourist charter flight was a complete success

 At 17:00 on May 25, a plane loaded with characteristic elements of Turpan in Xinjiang Province landed smoothly at Jiaohe Airport, marking the first flight of Chengdu Airlines' "Turpan Grapes are ripe" theme plane. It opened a new mode of "cultural travel + aviation" cooperation between Turpan City and Chengdu Airlines. Through this unique "air card", so that "poetry and distance" to achieve a better connection.Dh6Silk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

In close cooperation with Turpan City, Chengdu Airlines has jointly created a unique and unique service based on the innovative service product design and the unique advantages of regional routes. In order to further enhance the visibility and market influence of Turpan route, the route layout of "forming a network within Xinjiang" is constructed, and the deep integration and development of the "aviation + tourism" model is promoted. To this end, Chengdu Airlines and Turpan City dig and refine the regional characteristics of Turpan, with the most representative "Turpan grapes are ripe" as the cultural theme, to further optimize and improve the characteristics of regional routes, thus highlighting the unique image highlights of Turpan's "grape holy City, pearl of the Silk Road".Dh6Silk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

Turpan, Xinjiang, is located in the middle of the vast territory, with unique natural environment conditions, long-term stable in the core position of China's grape industry. In order to deeply show the unique charm of Turpan grape culture, Chengdu Airlines joined hands with Turpan City, Xinjiang, and carefully planned and launched the "Turpan grapes are ripe" theme aircraft.Dh6Silk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

The "Turpan Grapes are Ripe" theme aircraft selects several of Turpan's most famous grape varieties, with highly creative techniques, the crystal clear, full and attractive state of the grapes is vividly presented on the fuselage. During the flight, passengers can enjoy the attractive charm of Turpan grapes. And specially designed "Turpan grapes ripe" Chinese and English fonts and Chengdu Airlines ARJ21 aircraft foundation spray ribbon perfect integration, the overall visual effect is lively and interesting, while subtly show the deep cooperation and mutual integration of Turpan City and Chengdu Airlines.Dh6Silk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

According to reports, the plane with the theme of "the grapes in Turpan are ripe" set sail from Chengdu Tianfu International Airport in the afternoon, passing through Dunhuang, and finally arrived in the beautiful Turpan. In addition to the eye-catching theme design of the fuselage, entering the interior of the cabin, the luggage rack, the head piece, the tray table are cleverly integrated into the rich elements of Turpan.Dh6Silk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

During the flight, Chengdu Airlines planned a series of interesting activities based on the local characteristics of Turpan, including city introduction, reading pictures and guessing place names, listening to songs and music, etc., inviting passengers to actively participate in the interaction. In the laughter, the passengers not only enjoyed a comfortable flight experience, but also a deep understanding of the local customs of Turpan.Dh6Silk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

In order to celebrate the successful first flight of the themed aircraft, a pickup ceremony was held on the tarmac of Jiaohe Airport. When the "Turpan grapes are ripe" theme plane through the water gate after a steady stop, the cabin door slowly opened, the enthusiastic Turpan citizens have been waiting here, they prepared the local characteristics of melons and fruits, invited the passengers to taste. In the sweetness of melons and fruits and laughter, we danced together in Xinjiang Mesilaifu dance.Dh6Silk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours



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