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The international payment service of Zhangye Airport has been comprehensively upgraded

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In order to improve the service experience of international passengers, Zhangye Airport actively connects with the People's Bank of China and comprehensively upgrades its payment services to ensure that every passenger can pay easily and without worry.JkWSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

Zhangye Airport has upgraded the overweight baggage charging POS and merchant charging POS, and now fully supports mainstream international credit cards such as VisaMastercard, American Express and JCB. No matter where you come from in the world, you can enjoy the convenience of swipe and pay. Zhangye Airport and Alipay (Alipay), with The Times to open the international version of the application payment function, support the binding of overseas bank cards, a swipe to pay, let the mobile phone become your global wallet. In order to meet the immediate needs of newly arrived passengers, the Global card can be used at the ATM of Zhangye Airport to withdraw RMB, the exchange rate is transparent and the operation is convenient. While improving the convenience of payment, Zhangye Airport and its partners strictly follow international payment security standards to ensure the security of all transactions and the security of passengers' payment information. In order to help foreign passengers using China's payment platform for the first time, eye-catching payment signs will be posted at airport ATMs, check-in counters and commercial areas, along with information such as payment service operation guide and digital payment guide for overseas visitors to Ganzhou, and on-site guidance and assistance will be provided to ensure that every passenger can quickly get started and enjoy seamless payment experience.


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