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Hui People

Hui peopleThe Hui nationality is the shorter name of "HuiHui" nationality, is a minority nation in China with large population, has originated in Tang dynasty, and finally formed in Ming dynasty. According to the existing historical datas, Arabs and Persians continuously went to China in 651,settled in some cities, such as Guangzhou, Quanzhou and Hangzhou, they were regarded as the ancestors of Hui nationality. In mid-thirteen century, more and more people of different nations in Central Asia area who believed in Islamism and Arabs, Persians went to China, spreaded in different areas, they were the main component of the Hui nationality.KiGSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

The Hui nationality using the interchangeable language-Chinese in present days, but there are different dialects in different areas. At first, they used the Arabic and Farsi and Chinese, later they were accustomed to use Chinese because of the long term living together, and regarded the Chinese as their common language, at the same time, they persisted some vocabularies of Arabic and Farsi. 
The Islamism played an important role in the form and development of Hui nationality. After the form of Hui nationality, they also believed in Islamism. Hui nationality must believed in Six major Faiths, and believed in Allah is the core, they thought that Allah is unique, is everything, except that, they also believed in Tianxian, Classic, such as the Koran, relive and predestine.
According to the Islamic rules, Hui nationality ambrosia the horse meat, ass meat, mule meat, dog meat also the birds and animals that is filthy in image. In daily life, they keep away from tobacco and liquor but they are fond of tea and like to treat guests with tea.
Women in Hui nationality usually wear the round white hat with small mouth and like wearing end shield in green, cyan and white for young girl, married woman and the old woman, generally, the young girl is wearing in green, married woman in black and the old in white. For the men, they usually wear the hat without eaves that also called Huihui hat or Libai hat in white, gray, blue, green and black wear in different seasons, they wear white hat in spring, summer and autumn, in winter they wear in gray and black.
National Festival
They have three major festivals each year for believing in the Islamism, they are Lesser Gautama, Corbar Festival and Mohammed's Birthday, September is the Ramadan in each year, need to fast, at the end of fast time, its the Lesser Bairam, people bathed and wear the new clothes and went to the church on this day. Corbar Festival is hold 70days after the Lesser Bairam, before the festival, people will sweep, make delicacy, and bathe, burn incense on this day, then go to the mosque. Mohammed's Birthday is a festival to commemorate the birth and die of Mohammed.
The Hui nationality in Northwest area created abundant folk song with the development in long history, "Huaer" and "Banquet tune" are the famous two. "Huaer" also known as "Youth", originated from the rallying point of Hui nationality-Linxia, especially in Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang. It is not allowed sing the "Huaer" at home but in field. The Banquet tune is a form of song that singing in the wedding feast and festive accessions in Northwest 


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