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KazakhKazakh is a nation that with a long history,it was called the only nation have no pauper all over the world. The population of Kazakh is about 1800 million in the world, its main part is spread in Central and West Asia, it is the main nation of Kazakhstan, and the minority of China, Russia, Uzbekistan,Turkey, Mongolia and so on. In China, the Kazakh is mainly distribute in Xinjiang Uygur municipality. Kazakh is a mixed race of Mongolia and Caucasian,the Tuck and Wusun is Kazakh's ancestral home. NcMSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

There are many different points about the origin of the national name "Kazakh",the representative ones are the following. The fint point is that it is appeared in 15 century ,some herders in xi' er down stream migrated east to restated and wot rid of the don't nators henced the name kazaky",It means refuquees or seceders.The second point I'd that it Katherine trandlitetation of "wusun",and the third point is that the tucks used " Kazakh"to describe the tortness of the weapons ,such as knife and sword.Theculture of Kazakh .The kazakh nomadic culture has its own characters for it absorbed the surrounding nations culture during the wander and migrate ,espectally the lasts forming cultures from central Asta and south of Xinjiang ,the Russian culture, Ukraine culture and the Central Plain's Chinese culture which is very important to Kazakh culture, all of those have a influence on the development of Kazakh culture. The Kazakh created various culture carts from production and living, they have both written literature and oral literature, the later is more important, it is including myth, legend,folktale, epic,love pole,ballad,proverb and so on,among those the epic has a special position.
The Crafwork and Art
The crafwork and art of Kazakh is various and abundant, the women can make hurt and many kinds of felt goods,woollen goods and dresses, a large number of the men can make woodwork, ironware and bone object, the various adornments were made of gold and silver or the bowoder have the high artistic level. Music is a common habit of Kazakh,they can both sing and dance, the folk instrument such as dombra is famous.
There are many toboos of Kazakh,for example, the youth can not drink before the old, can not fumble the food,can not near the flock of sheep ride a horse, not allowed  stride over the table liner, count the number of the livestock to household's face is also a toboo, and the Kazakh can not eat pork,dog meat and ass meat, and they never drink animal's blood.
Kazakh mainly eat the flour and meat food,such as the beef,mutton, horsemeat, butter and cream and so on,they love to make Nang, it is their special and classical food. For the drink, there are milk,goat's milk,mare's milk and camel milk, tea has a special position in Kazakh's diet,especially the brick tea and the Fu tea is the second.
The main festival there are Corban Festival and Rozah Festival. The Jul Wu Lu zi Festival like the Spring Festival of Chinese,in Kazakh language it means"ring out the old Year and ring in the New Year. Nuowuluzi Festival marks the coming of a new year. On this day,people will wear the bright national clothes and they gathering in groups and pay New Year's call to each other.
Kazakh live in Hurts,it is easy to carry and durable, and can prevent the cold,rain and earthquake. It was called as the white palace for it is made of white felt. It is three meters high and the area is about 20-30 square meters, it is the residents and also the production and entertainment venues.


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