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Mt.HuashanMt.Huashan was called"the West Mountain", the"Taihua Mountain" in ancient times. From a distance, the mountain seems to form the sharp of a flower, hence the name" Huashan",it is one of the five sacred Taoist Mountain in China, situated in Huayin City, Shanxi Province,120kms east from Xi'an City, the distance between the east and the west is about 15kms,and from the north to the south is about 10kms, with a covering area of 148 square kilometers. Huashan is the scared mountain of the Chinese nation,the name of Chinese nation is originated from Huashan, therefore, Huashan is known as" the root of China", except that, it was also known as "the most precipitous mountain under Heaven".qDxSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

There are five peaks that make up the Mt. Huashan: North Peak, East Peak, South Peak, West Peak and the Middle Peak. The East Peak named for its location, has an altitude of 2090meters. There was a platform on top of the East Peak where is the best place to watch the sunrise, so this peak was also called the Facing Sun Peak. In the East Peak,located a well-known Scenic Spot called the "Immortal's Palm of Mt. Huashan",it refers to the natural rock veins of the cliff which look like a giant palm-print. At the north of Facing Sun Peak is the Yang Tower, which was built by Yanghucheng, a famous general in China. The scenics in East Peak including Qinlong Pool, Ganlu Pool, Sanmao Cave and so on. The South Peak stands about 2200meters high, is the highest peak among the five peaks on the mountain and the other four sacred mountains in China, the ancients called it " the summit of Mt. Huashan". It is said that wild geese always stop here for a rest, so it was also called" Landing Wild Goose Peak". The svenics in the South Peak are White Emperor's Temple where is dedicated to the White Emperor,Bagua Pond,Changkong Cliff Road and so on. The West Peak stands about 2082meters, also named for its location, because of a huge lotus flower-shaped rock at the top of it, West Peak was known as the Lotus Flowers Peak. There are many famous scenics in the West Peak, such as Cuiyun Palace, Lotus Flower Cave, Rock Split With an Axe and so on. The North Peak with an altitude of 1614.9meters, is the lowest of the five,there are precipitous cliffs on all sides of North Peak, making it look like a flat terrace in the clouds, hence the name Cloud Terrace Peak. The scenics there are Zhenwu Palace,Yunv Window,Laojun Plough and so on, all scenic spots have beautiful myths and legends that add to the supernatural atmosphere of North Peak. Middle Peak stands about 2037meters, is the center of East, South and West Peaks, is a small peak west of the East Peak. There is a Taoist Temple in the peak named"Jade Maiden Temple",legend has it that the daughter of Qinmugong loved a man, so she gave up the royal life and cultivated her spirituality here, hence the name Jade Maiden Peak. Other scenes in Middle Peak including Rootless Tree,Sacrificing Tree, the Jade Lady's Cave, the Wash Basin and the Stone.qDxSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours

In 1982,Mt.Huashan was approved by the State Council as the first batch of national Scenic Spots. In 1991,it was named as the national civilized Scenic Spot demonstration Spot by the National Tourism Administration. In 2011,it was approved by the National Tourism Administration as the National 5A level Scenic Spot and get the name of "the most popular scenic spots in China" in 2017.qDxSilk Road Adventure & Private Tours - Silk Road China Tours



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General Information

Alias: Huashan Mountain
Loc: 120 km from Xian
Entrance: 180 RMB
Open Time: All Day


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